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Looking back just ten years ago – a central educational campus in Heilbronn is still nowhere in sight, but even then the Dieter Schwarz Foundation was already working away in the region with a clear aim: in pursuit of developing education and on promoting lifelong learning. From the start, it supported a number of educational establishments which were scattered across the region at that time; the majority of them without any chance of realizing their full potential. The Dieter Schwarz Foundation lends its support to remedy this, setting in motion a project that is the first of its kind in Germany: the Bildungscampus.

One place, lots of stories: The Bildungscampus

Situated in the middle of Heilbronn, these days the Bildungscampus comprises several facilities and institutions that together meet the educational needs of a variety of target audiences. That is because, irrespective of whether they are school beginners, students or company founders – all of them have one thing in common: it is far easier to learn, teach, do research and shape things in every phase of life when ideas are supported and places are created that allow those with a thirst for learning to flourish and achieve the best for themselves – and for the community. And that is precisely the purpose of the foundation and its benefactor.

Education is our most important resource.

Dieter Schwarz

Milestones - A Journey in Time


Officially opened after one year of online operation

The opening of the 42 Heilbronn was celebrated in April. The “Spaceship” of the innovative coding school with French roots is just across the street on the Weipertstraße. The further renovation of the building is already in full swing.

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Another groundbreaking ceremony for Campus Mitte

The official groundbreaking ceremony for the new home of the Campus Founders took place in March (currently at home in BC 1). The modern start-up center with space for offices, co-working, catering and events will be built here by mid-2024.

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The Bildungscampus is constantly on the move

The Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences (HHN) moved into the last buildings on the Campus Nord this year. Meanwhile a colorful procession made its way along the Campus Mitte in the fall: After a very sporty rebuilding phase, the first school beginners carrying their school cones were greeted on the Campus. The Josef-Schwarz Schule is granted interim premises here. And the construction vehicles are back in action towards the turn of the year: The new domain of the Campus Founders is under construction at Bildungscampus 11. The same goes for the Innovationsfabrik in the Weipertstraße which is to be turned into the Coding School, 42 Heilbronn.

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Dieter Schwarz Foundation

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation ranks among the large German foundations; it becomes active where government bodies are not, or not sufficiently, able to meet the needs of the economy and society.

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Schwarz Campus Service

The Schwarz Campus Service (SCS) ensures that operations run smoothly on the Bildungscampus of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation and is the professional point of contact for any topics relating to the lively campus. Organizing and running events, for example in the AULA and FORUM, also forms part of the SCS portfolio. In addition to the Bildungscampus Heilbronn, SCS also manages the Science Center experimenta as well as the student residence W|27. Other (construction) projects with educational relevance continuously extend the SCS scope of activities. The highest priority is to create an optimum teaching and learning environment for the educational establishments, institutions and students domiciled there.

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