To the Bildungscampus by Bus & Train

There are a number of public transport stops around the Bildungscampus - and Heilbronn's main train station can also be reached by bike in 7 minutes or on foot in 15 minutes.  The city center, with its centrally located stops around the town hall, is even a little closer.

Always on time: The app “Mein Bildungscampus” shows all public transport departures around the Bildungscampus in real time.

Good to know: The HNV timetable data is now also available on Google Maps.  Using the route planner function, it is possible to plan the route by bus and quite simply also by public transport. All you have to do is enter the starting point and destination of the route.

To the HNV timetable information

To the DB timetable information

To Google maps

An overview of the public transport stops around the education campus

Bildungscampus Nord, e.g.

  • By Deutsche Bahn to Heilbronn Sülmertor stop (from then approx. 300-800m on foot)
  • By city train S41/S42 to Technisches Schulzentrum stop (from then approx. 900m on foot)

Bildungscampus Mitte, e.g.

  • By city bus to Europaplatz Ost stop (from then approx. 100m on foot)
  • By city bus S41/S42 to Europaplatz South stop (from then approx. 200m on foot)

Bildungscampus Ost, e.g.

  • By city bus to Hallenbad Soleo stop (from then approx. 400m on foot)
  • By city train S41/S42 to Theater stop (from then approx. 500m on foot)

Getting Here by Car


Students and employees can use the CampusCard to access various parking facilities at reduced rates, depending on their eligibility. These should preferably be used. At the same time, all parking areas are available to visitors of the Bildungscampus at the designated standard rates. All information on the parking areas:

  • Parkhaus Mitte – the parking facility for staff of the Bildungscampus and visitors for events in the AULA, among others.
  • Parkhaus & Parkplatz Ost – the parking area for students of the Bildungscampus and visitors for events in the FORUM, among others.
  • Parkhaus experimenta – for all students of the Bildungscampus and visitors, especially for guests of the experimenta

Important: Discounted parking and the associated entry and exit to the respective authorized parking spaces is only possible with CampusCard from the Bildungscampus as well as the stored license plate number in All information about the services and payment functions of the CampusCard can be found here.

Convenient: Check the app “Mein Bildungscampus” for free Campus parking spaces in real time and an overview of all parking rates. You can also call up parking forecasts and parking garage occupancy rates on the Smart Campus website.


All important topics concerning parking areas, rates and entry & exit are summarized here.
To the FAQs parking using the CampusCard

Mobility on Bildungscampus

On the Campus you have different mobility options to go forward. 
Use our offers from E-Scooter to CampusRad and ZEAG Carsharing for your ways. 

Find the options for mobility on Bildungscampus here

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