Bike-sharing CampusRad

Fit, mobile and environmentally friendly - all with the CampusRad Heilbronn!

With the Bike-sharing CampusRad you can get around the city in a smart and environmentally friendly way. The exclusive offer is available to all students and employees at the Bildungscampus and Campus Sontheim. Thus, the educational path between the campuses in Heilbronn can be cycled inexpensively and without emissions.

The fifty CampusRad bikes can be rented and returned at one of the four stations in the city of Heilbronn. Use is free of charge for up to 120 minutes (including intermediate stops).
The offer can be used after a one-time and free registration with our cooperation partner Deutsche Bahn.

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You can finde all the information collected in the brochure. Download here

Have fun with the CampusRad and have a good & safe ride!

Renting and registration

To be able to use the offer, students and staff of the Bildungscampus and Campus Sontheim must download the Call a Bike app. In the app, the one-time registration can be done with the promotion code and the campus ID.
The bikes can be rented and returned at the four locations.

Call a Bike-App

  • Download the Call a Bike app from the Google Play Store or App Store and install it on your device.
  • Reserving, renting and returning bicycles is convenient and possible at any time via the app.
  • Download Call a Bike-App

Registration with action code

  • To able to use the offer, students and staff of the Bildungscampus and Campus Sontheim musst register once and free of charge with our cooperation partner Deutsche Bahn. 
  • To do this, enter the action code and the campus ID to register. 
    Action code: CaB_Campus_Heilbronn
  • Your registration will be confirmed by entering the E-mail/SMS ode sent to you. This is valid for 24 hours.

Scan QR code

  • Open the app and click on the red QR code button. 
  • Scan the QR code on the bike with your device.
  • Alternatively, you can also enter the bike number.
  • The lock is unlocked with a single click.

Start cycling!

  • You are ready to start and can ride.
  • You can take breaks during your journey. To do this, click on the "Break" button in the app. By pressing down the lock, the bike is still booked for you (LED is orange).
  • The break can be ended and the lock opens automatically (LED is green) by clicking on "Continue" in the booking.


  • Then return the CampusRad bike to one of the four stations.
  • As soon as the LED on the lock is orange, parking is possible. No further service fee will be charged.
  • Press down on the lever on the lock to complete parking.
  • Your booking is now complete. The LED light is now green.

Do you still have questions about the process?

  • Check out our FAQs about the Bike-sharing CampusRad to see if it has already been answered here.
    To the FAQs CampusRad
  • You can also find more information on the Deutsche Bahn website.
    To the Deutsche Bahn
  • For contact inquiries or damage reports, please use the contact options in the Call a Bike app.


For students and staff of the Bildungscampus Heilbronn and the Campus Sontheim, a total of fifty CampusRad bikes are available exclusively and free of charge for 120 minutes per ride (duration including stopovers). Starting from the 121st minute, every additional half hour started is charged at 1.00 Euro.

If the CampusRad bike is not returned to one of the four rental stations at the end of the trip, but instead is parked at a different location, Deutsche Bahn will charge a service fee of at least 10.00 euros for the return transport.


There are four rental and return stations where the CampusRad bikes can be rented and brought back. These CampusRad stations are marked by small flags on the site map of the app. If the CampusRad bikes are not returned to one of this four stations, a service fee of at least 10.00 euros will be charged by the Deutsche Bahn.


(At Bildungscampus 5)

Dammstraße 1
74076 Heilbronn

More details


(Next to ticket office)

Bahnhofstraße 6 / 1
74076 Heilbronn

More details


(At courtyard parking lot)

Wilhelmstraße 27
74072 Heilbronn

More details


(At the main entrance Max-Planck-Straße)

Max-Planck-Straße 39
74081 Heilbronn-Sontheim

More details

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