Parkhaus experimenta

The Parkhaus experimenta is located on Bahnhofsstraße and is therefore within walking distance of the Science Center of the same name as well as the pedestrian zone and the main train station. With car parking spaces, disabled parking spaces and electric parking spaces, it is the perfect starting point for excursions into Heilbronn city center. Guests who decide to visit the experimenta also park at a discounted rate.

In addition, the multi-storey car park also offers an ideal opportunity for safe bicycle parking. There are separate and segregated bicycle parking spaces in the basement of the parking garage. 24 parking spaces have e-bike charging stations. If you have forgotten your bike lock or just want to secure your bike, you can also rent one of the lockable bike boxes "BikeBox". These are also located in the basement and have their own power connections, so that e-bikes can also be charged there. The electricity costs are already included in the box rental.

Important information

Parking spaces

  • regular parking
  • Handicapped parking 
  • E-car parking
  • Bike parking (including e-bike charching stations)
  • Bike box (including e-bike charching stations)

Entry & Exit

  • For visitors with paper ticket
  • For Bildungscampus students via CampusCard or car license plate

Opening hours

  • Daily 24 hours



  • Cash & EC card
  • Entry high 2,00 m
  • Video monitored

Parking rates

Discounted parking rates apply for Bildungscampus Students with a CampusCard

  • Per hour begun: 1,50 EUR
  • daily maximum fee: 3,00 EUR
  • Nighttime rate (between 3 am and 6 am) per hour begun: 3,00 EUR
  • 30-day parking ticket*: 40,00 EUR
    Attention: The 10-day Flexticket is NOT valid here
  • Vehicle license plate recognition*

All information about parking with the CampusCard can be found here.

*directly bookable via the service area "PaymentPortal" on

  • Per hour begun: 1,50 EUR
  • daily maximum fee: 13,00 EUR
  • Visitors to experimenta daily maximum fee: 5,00 EUR
  • Nighttime rate (between 7 pm and 6 am): 3,00 EUR
  • Loss of ticket: daily maximum plus service fee
  • parking space per hour begun: 1,00 EUR
  • BikeBox per day begun: 0,50 EUR plus 1,00 EUR parking space fee (inluding electricity)

The pit stop for bikes

If you want to park your bike particularly securely or have forgotten your bike lock at home, the Parkhaus experimenta is an ideal place to go. There are not only 228 separate and segregated bicycle parking spaces in the basement, but also 24 bicycle boxes "BikeBox" with the option of charging your e-bike while parking. The boxes are dimensioned in such a way (H / W / L: 80/120 / 197cm) that almost every bicycle can be accommodated there, from racing bikes to mountain bikes. E-bikes can be charged quickly and easily via their own power connection. Charging is included in the box rental.

Instructions for parking in the Parkhaus experimenta can be viewed here.

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